Romania: Transylvania

Driving from Bucharest to Bran was quite an experience! Rules of the road in Romania: [insert here when you find any]! So many oncoming cars on our side of the road. I am not quite sure how we did not crash – into cars, horses, dogs, people, carts, trains…!  Add to that a journey home in the dark with broken headlights (thanks rental cars) it was very nearly impossible!

Just as we entered Transylvania the blue skies disappeared, it became much darker and then began to snow…!

We saw lots of countryside, Peles Castle, Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress from a distance, and on the way back we went to Therme at 11pm! (Best spa ever!)

5 thoughts on “Romania: Transylvania

  1. I really loved the pictures! I am living quite close to Romania (in Bulgaria) where road rules do not apply as well… european statistics show that these two countries belong to the TOP 5 of EU’s most dangerous countries to drive.

    I will definitely visit Romania sometime soon and I am showing a particular interest in Transylvania, Bucharest and Timisoara. But during the summer I would also like to visit the Mamaia Beach in Constante, one of the most famous beaches from the Black sea.

    Best regards! Keep up the good work ;)

    1. Thanks for the lovely words. It certainly seemed like one of the most dangerous! Iceland was the second in our experience due to the weather! I was in Bulgaria when I was a young child. I remember meeting a really lovely Russian family, and I remember my mum giving the maid at the hotel her travel iron because she was fascinated by it! I actually remember a lot about it considering I was so young!
      FYI: We stayed in Bucharest Boutique Accommodation and it was great.

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